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Empowerment & Self-Efficacy in the Workplace

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 11:17 AM | Sonnya Nieves (Administrator)

My name is Kathy Minnich and I am a doctoral candidate at Walden University. I am conducting research in partial fulfillment of my doctorate on the experiences of school social workers with empowerment and self-efficacy within the workplace. A vast number of studies have assessed these characteristics in the general population of social-work practitioners. However, school social workers represent a gap in existing related literature. This research will fill that gap by providing insight into the experiences of specifically school social workers that are related to empowerment and self-efficacy within the workplace.
Acknowledging the value of your time, I would appreciate your consideration of participation in this important study. To fully understand your experience, a 1.5 to 2-hour interview would be conducted with you at a location of your choosing. Nothing uncomfortable will be required of you. The interview is designed to simply learn of your experiences surrounding empowerment and self-efficacy within the workplace. All information gathered during the interview will be held strictly confidential and you are free to discontinue participation at any time with no adverse repercussions.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a date and time for the study interview. My telephone number is (717) 577-0478. You can also email me at
Thank you for your consideration.
Kathy J. Minnich, LCSW, RPT, HSV
Doctoral Candidate
Walden University

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